Synbiont Large Animal Wound Care - 8oz Fingertip SprayerSynbiont Large Animal Wound Care - 8oz Fingertip Sprayer

Synbiont Large Animal Wound Care - 8oz Fingertip Sprayer


Synbiont ® Wound Care provides instant skin relief for your pet's skin ailments. Our veterinarian-approved chemistry helps to soothe, clean, and relieve irritated skin and is compatible with other wound treatments, antibiotics, and ointments. Great for skin abrasions, post-surgical sites, hot spots, rashes, cuts, ringworm, mange, and sores. Synbiont Wound Care is designed to adhere to wounds and evaporate slowly for long-lasting protection.

  • Great for sores, lacerations, abrasions, skin irritations
  • Instant, sting-free relief
  • Keeps wounds clean & moist
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Accelerates your pet's return to normal activity
  • Save for use in eyes, ears, nose and mouth
  • No expiration date
  • Non-greasy, stain free
  • Discouraging taste, but safe if ingested

Top Reviews

A must for any working farm...

We are a working pasture pig operation and this is a must on our farm as bio-security is our top priority. We use this spray in our huts between the litter of pigs. Never had a sick piglet and we never vaccinate and farrow all year around on pasture, all natural, no crates and no heat lamps.

Yes, I would totally recommend this product for any farm!

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