Our Science

The Synbiont family of products are produced using a unique and patented blending process of ingredients that are fully compliant within the EPA and FDA code of federal regulations. Our blending process helps supercharge surfactant-based cleaning agents. As a result we’ve created a unique alternative to traditional biosecurity efforts. All of our products have undergone third-party efficacy testing to validate all claims.  

All Synbiont products are created from a blend of negatively charged molecules, known as anionic surfactantsthat demonstrate a unique penetrating and cleaning ability. These surfactants were selected because of their high water solubility and activity at low concentrations. They have  continued activity of 7-21 days, which means longer resistance in between uses. These biodegradable products help remove the substrates on which microbes thrive, while cleaning animals, their wounds and areas they frequent.  

Our active ingredients include a patented, food-grade safe blend of alkyl sulfonate and an alkyl sulfate.  



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