Our Difference

Synbiont products were designed to offer an environmentally-friendly, food-grade safe cleaning product for a variety of uses. Unlike many traditional cleansers, our product line does not contain toxic chemicals, but it still safely cleanses surfaces and removes inanimate contaminants. 


  • EPA approved / FDA certified anionic surfactants 

  • Patented

  • Food grade safe 

  • Biodegradable 

  • No shelf life restrictions 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic 

  • Zero re-entry time 

  • Cleans stalls, pens, cages, highly soiled areas 

  • Safe to use around the most sensitive animals 

  • Created to wash fruits and vegetables 

  • Laboratory tested 

  • Stays active for 7-21 days 

  • Free of harsh chemicals and usage controls 

  • Veterinarian approved 

  • No handling or storage restrictions 


About Synbiont 

The Synbiont family of products helps meet biosecurity protocols for cleansing animals and their surroundings. Synbiont partners with animal caretakers to help make the living, showing and transportation environments of pets, commercial livestock and competitive animals safer and more productive. 

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