Synbiont Ag Wash 32oz Ready to Use (2 pack bundle)Synbiont Ag Wash 32oz Ready to Use (2 pack bundle)Synbiont Ag Wash 32oz Ready to Use (2 pack bundle)

Synbiont Ag Wash 32oz Ready to Use (2 pack bundle)


2 Pack Bundle. Synbiont ® Ready-To-Use Ag Wash is a safe cleaning alternative to bleach and other harsh chemicals. Synbiont chemistry was originally developed and patented to clean fruits, vegetables, and other food contact surfaces. Synbiont Ready-To-Use Ag Wash is veterinarian-approved for use as a multi-purpose cleaner, shampoo, wound care, and deodorizer for large animals and their living environments. With no expiration date, this all-in-one product saves time and money by condensing your animal supplies.


  • Cleaner, shampoo, wound care, deodorizer
  • Removes inanimate contaminants
  • Cleans animals, barns, stalls, feeding troughs and tack
  • Use in veterinary offices, boarding facilities, arenas, trailers and backyards
  • Safe to use on eyes, ears, nose and mouth
  • Accelerates the healing and recovery of wounds
  • Improves biosecurity protection
  1. READY TO USE ON EVERYTHING - Use Ag Wash on your trailers, water buckets, kennels, hay racks, wood, tile, bedding, counters, tack, horse stalls, feeders, and anywhere animals frequent, they're safe for immediate use after cleaning. It works as a non-corrosive, multipurpose cleaner
  2. CLEAN YOUR ANIMALS - Perfect to use as horse shampoo, dog shampoo, or any large animal and pet shampoo. This wash is environmentally friendly for all types of animals and pets.
  3. USED IN MANY DIFFERENT FACILITIES - This product is used in commercial facilities, veterinary clinics, by professional trainers, and by every day animal owners.
  4. FOOD GRADE SAFE - Fragrance free, non toxic, and safe to use around any and all animal food. Chemistry also used in washing fruits and vegetables.
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